Day 1 (again): Heathrow to Bilbao

OK, technically this is day 2, but since we didn’t even manage to get out of the country yesterday we have officially started again: welcome to Day 1 (again) of our road trip.

And this time we’re off like the crackers. 5.30am we’re up (5.30am. On holibobs!). 6.30 we’re at the airport (ain’t gonna go missing the flight again!) Quick brekky cos you absolutely have to before you get on a plane. And 8.35am we leave. Bye bye wet tarmac and hello….

…wet tarmac. We land in Bilbao to find the most dismal skies and a torrential downpour. The temperature’s about two degrees lower than Blighty, and we’re in our shorts. This is Spain, people!

Still. Chinup and all that. After all, we have got to Spain today, which was better than we managed yesterday. And we find our digs. Making the most of it, we head out for a jolly walk as the skies start to clear (now in our cardigans and jeans, wellies at the ready). But Bilbao is actually quite pretty and the old town is very nice. A couple of cervezas later and we’re getting right in the holiday mood, as you can see.

Now, you might be wondering about the before and after shot of Karen. Turns out Dom’s camera has been so long unused that he’s been taking pics through a thick layer of dust. Look what happened when we cleaned up the lens. Now even rainy August looks spruce and dapper.

Bit worried about the charcuterie selection at this particular bar, but hey!


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