Day 3: San Sebastian, Hitchcock and Pintxos: Karen and Dom’s Spanish Road Trip

It’s all about food and films.

Love the pinchos – sometimes spelt pintxos. These are tapas dishes served in every bar you go into from breakfast to last orders. The local custom is to drop everything, gather around the counter, and have one or two in each bar – so a pintxos crawl is rather like a pub crawl. They are usually loaded with seafood, tortilla, or spanish ham. Always with a glass of wine on the side!


San Sebastian is about 100km up the coast from Bilbao, and has got a bit of everything – it’s an elegant city with some stunning architecture calling up the charm of the riviera; it’s a beach resort with a couple of stretches of golden sand; and it’s a pintxos lover’s paradise, with narrow, crowded alleyways lined with tapas bars aplenty.


And it’s home to the San Sebastian Film Festival, where in 1958 Alfred Hitchcock’s film Vertigo had its world premiere.

So what a treat that the local museum had a Hitchcock exhibition…



IMG_0110 - Version 2

Not sure the museum attendants liked our antics 😉


Also saw the very lovely exhibition of photographs by Louise Dahl-Wolfe – beautiful portraits and fashion photography.

Heading inland now, into Basque country, and to the bull running capital… Pamplona!

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