Great Lakes Road Trip Day 21: Munising to Green Bay

We’re heading out of the UP now and saying goodbye to all the Yoopers. We have to do this with a stop-off for the local delicacy: Pasties. And just to check what they’re like, we visit Muldoon’s Pasty Shop in Munising.


As it happens, they’re almost exactly like a Cornish Pasty – although a slightly different shape.


While we’re in Munising we grab a coffee at what seems to be the only local coffee shop. It’s well stocked with a range of coffees including a local Cherry-infused blend. It’s also a bookstore, and clearly a popular hangout – there are people playing board games, and each of the locals has their own cup hanging on a hook.



Heading out of town, we pass more waterfalls which are clearly a tourist pull – the Wagner Falls.


Today, we also say goodbye to Michigan as we cross the state line into Wisconsin and aim for Green Bay, halfway down Lake Michigan. This is another industrial port, and it’s really only a stop-off for us before hitting Chicago tomorrow. But it does give us an opportunity to try out another local delicacy – Booyah! Well, you can’t really resist, can you: so we didn’t. It’s just like Nanny’s stew. Karen thought it was delicious, even though her face doesn’t show it.


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