Day 2: Pasadena L.A California

Day 2: Waking up in Pasadena August 14th 2015

After the rains of yesterday we were delighted to see this view out of our hotel window on Friday morning. This is Pasadena in uncommonly hot August conditions that even the locals have been amazed by. It’s 38 degrees here, so we’re having a slow day exploring Pasadena’s charming and thriving old town. Here are some views from our hotel, The Westin.

.pull back the shuttersbedroom view

view from terraceview from terrace 2

Naturally, we need to prioritise hydration. California is suffering drought conditions and is urging residents to reduce water usage by 28%. We decided to contribute to the savings by substituting our water consumption with 28% more Chardonnay. The Edwin Mills bar in Pasadena has a really relaxed vibe, a great wine list and really friendly staff. (And also some interesting Dali-esque hangings on the wall!). Well worth checking out.

wine obviouslyEdwin Mills barwall commentsfiery jesus vagina paintingEdwin Mills wide

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