US road trip…day 1…

Day 1: Depart London Gatwick and travel to L.A via Las Vegas.

We’re off on a three-week road trip through California and Nevada. Leaving London Gatwick in mid-August, the heavens open, reminding us why August in California seems a more pleasurable prospect. It really is a storm – more rain falls on the runway in one day than usually falls in the whole of the month. Perhaps we were lucky to be able to take off at all. But we did. We’re on our way!

These icy pics were take over Greenland. Certainly one of the most stunning views we’ve seen from an aeroplane.

frozen over Greenland 1frozen over Greenland 2frozen over Greenland 3

And then we have the desert. These were taken over Utah, so not long til Vegas. And look at the weather!

Flight over Utah Aug 2015On way to Las Vegas airport

This delicious chowder bread bowl had to make it in the blog. It was served up whilst we waited for our very delayed connecting flights from Las Vegas to L.A. We arrived in Vegas in heavy thunderstorms, and the lightning meant the flights were grounded. Flash flooding, more rain in a day than in the whole of the season… hold on! This sounds familiar! Chowder seemed like a good idea. It was funny to hear the Americans say “wow, this is amazing, it never rains like this in Vegas”. Dominic and I just thought we had brought the weather with us from London.

chowder bread bowl stop-over LVegas airport

Finally we board the short hop to LA, get our rental car and negotiate the six-lane LA freeways to find our hotel. It’s been a 24-hour journey door-to-door. So good night!

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