Muir Woods and Sonoma Valley

We made a quick stop at the Zoo in SF so we could get a pic (this really was just so Karen could conclude her ‘dream’ experience). Unfortunately we didn’t have time to ‘do the zoo’ because we wanted to visit Muir Woods on our way to Sonoma Valley.

SF zoo

On our way out of SF we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, it was bright and sunny today so had we been on a bike I think we would have enjoyed the views very much. We still recommend cycling over – it is the best way to experience the bridge and the views.

odd view of the GG bridgeView over GG bridge

So, Muir Woods – WOW! what an enchanting place. The trees are staggeringly tall and the Monument Park is a joy to walk around. It can be quite serene, although we went on a busy sunday so at times it was a bit noisy.

If you get a chance to visit then do. On the road in it said the parking lots were full and to use the shuttle, however we managed to find parking on the road nearby (people are leaving throughout the day – so it is possible to find a space). For those English drivers – you will get a ticket anywhere in the US if you park facing the wrong way (they say you have gone against the flow of traffic). We saw a ticket being placed on a car for this reason, so the wardens are really tough on it. We weren’t aware of this rule until Josh in SF alerted us (very grateful to Josh).

Karen hugging a very large redwood.
Karen hugging a very large redwood.
Redwood, Muir Woods
Redwood, Muir Woods

Dominic and redwoodsselfie with tree tops

If you look hard you might be able to see two deer grazing.
If you look hard you might be able to see two deer grazing.

From the Muir Woods it is just a quick trip to the Sonoma Valley, although the traffic can get quite heavy as you approach the Napa and Sacramento turn off. Fortunately we were heading left to Sonoma (the less well-known and so therefore less commercial of the two wine valleys). We arrived at Gaige House to a fantastic greeting of a cheese and wine reception – ‘best welcome to a hotel we’ve experienced’, for obvious reasons! The hotel is really nice, picturesque grounds, lots of trees, and a chilled vibe.

Gaige house Sonoma b Gaige House Sonoma

We chatted to some of the other guests over a few glasses of wine and then headed into the village for a meal. We ate a delicious steak frites at the Fig Cafe, and sampled a flight of four reds, our favourite was the 2013 Cline Cellars’ Mourvedre.

Flight of reds

After that, and all the cheese we had already consumed, we realised we needed a lie-down. Looking forward to a full-day of Sonoma tomorrow.

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